What is JioCloud?

JioCloud is a premium cloud storage service, which gives you free storage on signing up. It is an easy way to store, sync, stream, and share data for business or with friends and family. It is like carrying an invisible hard disk, containing all your collection of music, photos, documents and contacts wherever you go.

How do I start using JioCloud?

a) To start using JioCloud, we recommend you download the JioCloud app on mobile / desktop. The app can be downloaded from:
  • Google Play Store – for Android phone.
  • App Store – for iPhone
  • Mac App Store- for Mac
  • https://www.jiocloud.com/downloadApp/ - for Windows
b) You can login using your:
  • Jio Sim- One tap secure login if you have Jio sim on your phone
  • JIo User ID and Password/QR code or OTP based login on JioCloud website www.jiocloud.com
  • Using Google or Facebook ID

On which devices can I use JioCloud?

JioCloud is supported on mobile, desktop and web platforms.

Android (OS version 4.2 and above) - Smartphone
iOS (9.0 and above) - iPhone

Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8.1 (64 bit) and Windows 10 (64 bit).

Mac OS X (10.11 and above).

Mozilla Firefox - latest two versions.
Safari - latest version
Google Chrome - latest version.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use JioCloud?

You require an internet connection or mobile data plan to upload, download and sync. The files that have already been synced with your device can be accessed offline on your device.

What is the storage limit for my JioCloud account?

On signing up for JioCloud, you get free cloud storage space that is bundled with the plan purchased by you. You can use this space to sync and upload content from your phone.
For users on the Jio Happy New Year offer, for instance, the bundled plan gives you subscription of the JioCloud 5GB pack, where your get a free cloud storage space of 5GB.

How secure is my content on JioCloud?

Any access to the data and content on JioCloud is security validated and protected. Data is in Encrypted format, so no other person can access your data. The data stored can only be retrieved by authorized system services. The transmission of content happens through a secure channel and the entire environment is continuously monitored and audited for security controls.

How is JioCloud different from Google Drive, Dropbox etc?

JioCloud’s differentiating features include :
  • Automatic backup of your phone's content, including photos, videos, music, documents & contacts
  • Single click upload of content
  • Cloud Address Book/ Contacts Sync with options to merge and restore
  • Flexbility to set up what, how and when to backup as per your convenience

How do I uninstall JioCloud from my mobile/desktop?

The JioCloud app can be uninstalled from your phone by deleting it like any other installed app.

The desktop version for Windows PCs can be uninstalled using the ‘Uninstall’ application in the JioCloud program files folder.

The JioCloud Mac client can be uninstalled by sending the application to 'Trash' and then emptying trash.

How do I delete my JioCloud account?

As your JioCloud account shares the same login credentials as your Jio account/MyJio, it is not possible to delete your JioCloud account separately. On deleting your Jio account as a whole, JioCloud will also get deleted.

How do I upload media files on my JioCloud?

For Mobile devices, there are two ways in which files can be uploaded:
  • If you want to upload all your data without having to select the files or content individually, go to settings screen and switch on 'Auto backup' in Auto backup screen and select among file types, upload file resolution, recent (last 30 days) or all files, only camera or all photos/videos (only for android) you want to backup. In order to facilitate your process of uploading the Content, a default setting has been provided on the applications whereby some or all Content on your device may get uploaded and backed-up automatically. To provide fair service to all our customer and to optimize your data usage and storage consumption, your settings may get automatically updated. If you wish to selectively sync photos or video or music or documents, then select 'Upload (+)' button on the files screen and select the files you wish to upload.
  • To transfer files from the desktop, move the required file to the JioCloud folder on your PC or Mac. Files can be uploaded from the web by clicking the 'Upload files' option

What kind of files can I upload to JioCloud?

There are no restrictions on the types of files that can be uploaded to JioCloud.

How can I sync my phone contacts?

On the JioCloud mobile app, you can sync your phone's contacts using the following steps:
  • Tap on ‘Settings’ on the JioCloud menu and click on ‘Auto backup’.
  • Enable ‘Contact backup’.
JioCloud only syncs your phone and Google contacts. Other contacts on the SIM, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. do not get synced.

Why do my photos look different when I download them from JioCloud?

If a photo uploaded on JioCloud has a resolution of 2048 pixels or lower, downloaded photos will look identical to the original uploaded.
However, if the resolution of uploaded photos is higher than 2048 pixel, then the photos will be downsized.
Users can avoid downsizing of the photos by using the 'Original Quality' option in Auto backup Settings.

What happens to my JioCloud content if my phone is lost?

Even if your device is lost, you can retrieve your phone content from JioCloud’s website or app.

I have bought a new phone. How do I restore my older backed up contacts to my new device?

To restore your backed up contacts, go to 'Contacts' screen and select 'Restore' option from the menu. You can select device and restoration timestamp.

What are Boards?

Boards are a smart & fun way to create and share memories with your loved ones. 
Boards are for your holiday trips, birthday parties, wedding photos, group projects or anything. Add photos, videos, music or documents in a board and invite friends, family or colleagues to view, have conversations and add more.

What are board's suggestions?

Smart suggestions are automatically created for your special moments using your backed up photos and videos. If you like a suggestion, you can create the board and invite anyone to share the moment.

How do I create a board?

A board can be created by just simply providing a name to it. Once a board is created, you can either add your files in it or invite others to add files.

How do I add files in a board?

You can add already backed up files, add files from phone, scan document or click new photo/video. You can also add files from another board.

How files are shared in a board?

You can share files of any type or format in a board. Files directly added from phone are shared in original size and resolution.

Does my quota get consumed for files added by others in a board?

No. Your quota gets consumed only for files shared by you

How do I invites anyone in a board?

You can invite anyone in a board using invite icon. An invite link will be created which can be shared through any message, email, chat or social media app (Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Gmail etc) installed on your phone.

How do I join a board?

You need an invite to join a board. Ask existing members of the board to share an invite link with you. Once you have the invite link, click on it and login into JioCloud to join the board.

What is the limit on number of members which can join a board?

There is NO limit on number of members in a board.

How do I write a comment in a board?

You can use comments in boards to plan things, give suggestions or just share your thoughts. To write a comment, tap on comments section at the bottom of a board.

How can I edit a board information?

You can edit a board name, description or cover photo anytime from board info screen, which can be opened by tapping on the menu at the top right of the board screen.

How can I leave a board?

You can leave a board anytime by going to the Board info screen and tapping on 'Leave board' option. On leaving the board, all the files you have added in that board will be removed from the board and will go to trash of existing members.
You can re-join the board anytime by requesting the board members to share an invite link.

How do I remove a member from a board?

Only board owner can remove any member from a board. If a member is removed, his/her files go to trash of existing members.

How do I delete a board?

A board is deleted automatically when the last member in the board leaves the board. When a board is deleted, all files of the board are also deleted.

Can I access JioCloud files online?

Yes. You can access your uploaded files online by logging on to JioCloud website https://www.jiocloud.com/

How can I share files from my phone with my friends?

Sharing files/ folders through the JioCloud mobile app:
  • Select the file to share and tap the share icon on the menu. A public link to your file will be created
  • You can select any messaging, email, chat or social networking app(Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube etc.) installed on your phone to share the file as link. You can also use 'Send file' option to send it as an attachment.

Can I watch videos and listen to songs available on JioCloud without downloading them?

Yes, with JioCloud you can watch videos and listen to songs from any device without downloading them. However, you need to be connected to the internet to view the content.

How can I recover deleted files?

A file deleted from JioCloud gets moved to Trash/Recycle Bin. To recover a deleted item,
  1. Access Trash/Recycle bin using the 'View Trash' option in app settings or on the website.
  2. Select the items you want to recover and click on ‘Restore’ or 'Restore All'.

How do I delete a file permanently from JioCloud?

A file deleted from your mobile app or JioCloud website or the JioCloud folder on your desktop is moved to Trash/Recycle Bin.
To permanently delete the file, locate the file in the Trash can/Recycle on JioCloud website and hit 'Delete'.

Can I create folders to categorise files on JioCloud?

Yes. Folders can be created on both JioCloud mobile and desktop versions, helping you organize your data better. Please note that JioCloud automatically creates a folder called 'My Backup' when syncing up your data for the first time.

I have thousands of files, can I easily locate a file I have saved in my JioCloud account?

JioCloud helps you to quickly find a file you are searching for using the search option on the JioCloud mobile app as well as the website.

Is there any limit on file download through public share link?

Yes, to avoid misuse of service and to be able to serve all our users equally, we impose a daily download limit of 10 GB on each file shared through public share link(s). (A file of size more than 10 GB can be downloaded once in a day) We believe that this limit is more than sufficient in a normal use case. But if you still feel that you have more download requirement, then you can reach out to us at care@jiocloud.com

Can I choose between WiFi & mobile data network when connecting to the internet?

Yes. To choose the type of network you want to connect to, go to the Settings section of JioCloud on your device and
  • Select 'WiFi network only' or 'WiFi & Mobile networks' for backups.
  • Next time the JioCloud app is connected to a particular network, the settings enable all uploads, downloads and sync, as per the option you have selected.

How do I know how much JioCloud storage space I have consumed? How do I add more online storage?

On the JioCloud mobile, desktop apps & website, a storage progress bar is available in the 'Settings' screens that displays the amount of storage space you have used up & the total quota available in your account.
To add more online storage, select the 'Upgrade' option and follow the instructions displayed.

How does background uploading feature works?

Enabling background uploading in settings screen in iOS app will help JioCloud to back up your data even when the app is in background by using the changes in location to start the backup. For this feature to work, JioCloud needs access to your device’s location. Due to this, when you enable the background uploading, JioCloud will ask for the permission to request location services. JioCloud doesn’t collect your location information.

Can I download a file to my computer that I uploaded to JioCloud using my phone?

Yes, you can download any file that is stored in your JioCloud account to your computer using JioCloud website or desktop app.

How can I get JioCloud app for Windows or Mac?

You can download JioCloud app for Windows or Mac from 'Download app' option on JioCloud website (www.jiocloud.com)

Where do I see my all files synced in Windows or Mac machine from cloud?

After you log in to the app, ‘JioCloud’ folder is created at following location in
Mac- Macintosh HD > Users > Machine Name > JioCloud folder
Windows- C: drive > Users > Machine Name > JioCloud folder
All the files synced with your machine will be available in the ‘JioCloud’ folder. You can access this folder from JioCloud system tray icon or from quick access menu.

How do I upload files in JioCloud from Windows or Mac?

Any file put in the JioCloud folder directly uploads on cloud. You can also initiate upload by clicking on 'Move to JioCloud' in contextual menu of any file/folder.

Do the files synced with my machine consume space on local disc?

Yes. Files synced with your machine consume actual physical space on your local disc. You can decide which folders you want to sync from your JioCloud account on your local machine.

Can I selectively sync certain items from cloud to my machine?

Yes. You can decide which folders you want to sync from your JioCloud account on your local machine. Folders which are not synced can be accessed from JioCloud website or mobile app.

How do I share a file from Windows or Mac?

You can generate a public share link for any file or folder in JioCloud folder on your Windows and Mac machine and use it for sharing files.